How to Invisible Join w/ Knit Stitch


Invisible “V” Stitch- Regular (Inv. J (V ST)):

»      Pull the loop on the hook so it’s long and remove it from the hook.

»      Put the hook through the BACK of 1st stitch (normal stitch spot) and pull the loop through. Remove the hook and leave the loop. 

»      Put the hook through the FRONT of same stitch, except in the “V” stitch spot. Put the loop over the hook and grab the working yarn. Pull the working yarn through the loop and “V” stitch to the front. Chain 1.

**Since there’s a Ch 1 in this, don’t Ch 1 again if it says to in next row; the Ch 1 from this would count**

Invisible “BLO V” Stitch- BLO (Inv. J (BLO)):

»      Pull the loop so its long and remove your hook.

»      Put the hook through BACK of 1st stitch (“V” ST spot) and pull the loop through. Ch 1

»      Keeping the loop on the hook: Put the hook through the FRONT of the Original loop that now kinda looks like a stitch (in the BLO “V” ST spot). Grab the working yarn and pull through to the front

»      Now you should have 2 loops. Remove the hook from both and place it back in both loops from the OPPOSITE DIRECTION (backwards). Pull the 1st loop through 2nd loop.