Knit Stitch Basket Pattern


-Circle Base, Joined Rounds

Round 1: Start with a Magic Circle. Ch 1. 6 SC in circle. Pull the yarn to close it tight. Slip Stitch to the Chain of 1st Stitch – go in from left/front of that Ch. Ch1.
Round 2: 2SC in each stitch around, you will begin using the Knit/"V" Stitch for the rest of the pattern. (Mark the 1st stitch). Invisible Join into the 1st stitch.
Round 3: Ch. 1 and mark (this counts as 1st stitch). 2SC in next st. SC in next… 2SC. Rep. till end. Inv. J (V ST) to 1st stitch. 
Round 4: Ch 1 (this counts as 1st stitch). SC in next. 2SC in next... 

Follow usual Circle Increase pattern (inc. each round by 6); except you'll do the single stitches before the increase stitches. Until base reaches desired size.

Final Base Round: Join the last row of the Base w/Invisible (BLO-V) Join. This is first stitch of next row (mark). 

Wall Building:  

Round 5: BLO-V SC in each stitch around. Inv. J (V-ST) in 1st stitch (Mark). Ch 1. V-SC in every stitch till the end. Inv. J (V-ST) to 1st stitch. Ch 1. Repeat till desire height. Don’t Join or Ch 1 at end of last row – the final row is all slip stitches. 
Final Round: Switch to a smaller hook. Slip Stitch the entire row. Finish with an Invisible Join to the 1st stitch and cut a long tail on your yarn. When weaving your ends, use the tail to fill the gaps at the Inv. Join spot to finish your work.