About Us

Welcome to Storm & Zoe

Hey, fellow crochet lovers and dog enthusiasts! Kick back, grab your yarn, and join us at Storm & Zoe, where creativity meets cannabis and canine cuddles. Our namesake? Stormi and Zoe, the furry forces behind our passion for hooking and helping pups.

I'm just a chill stay-at-home dog mom, and Stormi—well, she's the real mastermind here. Together, we bring you dope crochet tutorials and handmade treasures on Etsy, all while spreading the love for rescue dogs.

What makes us special? We're all about that laid-back crochet life, crafting high-quality pieces that reflect our stoner spirit and commitment to our four-legged friends. Our Etsy shop is stocked with unique creations that vibe with our mellow, mindful approach.

Whether you're here to learn new stitches, snag a one-of-a-kind piece, or just hang out with fellow cannabis-crochet enthusiasts, Storm & Zoe is your go-to spot for all things chill, crafted with love, and sparked with creativity.