Crochet Skull Applique Tutorial


Ch- Chain

SLST- Slip Stitch

SC- Single Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

Round 1: Chain 13. SLST to the 1st Chain, like you're closing the Round. 

Round 2: Chain 13 again. SLST to the same spot in the middle as you did in Round 1. You will go through the original spot AND that 1st SLST together - These are your eye holes. 

Round 3: Place 18-SC around the first eye. You will be placing them THROUGH the big eye socket and not the chains. Now you should have reached the center; SLST through the middle spot again. 

Round 4: Continue along the other eye and do the same thing: 18-SC through the center of the big hole. SLST to the middle at the end. 

Round 5: SLST into the 1st 7 stitches along one eye. Ch 1 and turn. 

Round 6: SC across to the other side. You should end up with 14-SC. Ch1 and turn. 

Round 7: Skip the 1st stitch of the row and SLST into the 2nd one. SC across until there are 2 stitches remaining. Skip the first one and SLST into the last. Ch 1 and turn. 

Round 8-9: Repeat Round 7- you should end up with 3 of those rows in total. After you finish with Round 9 tie off your work. 

Round 10: Flip your work upside down. Count from the middle 7 stitches to the right. Attach your yarn to this stitch. Ch 1. 

Round 11: 4-SC (1st one into same stitch you just attached to) and Ch 4. Skip the next 6 stitches and SC into the 7th stitch, this gap is the Nose Hole. SC 3 more times, Ch 1 and turn. 

Round 12: 4-SC. Place 4-SC through the big hole for the nose- not the chains. 4-SC across the other eye, Ch 1 and turn.  

Round 13: SC across the entire next row like normal. Ch 1 and turn. 

Round 14: Skip 1 the 1st stitch and SLST into the next 2 stitches. Ch 3 and DC until there are 2 stitches left. Ch 1 and turn.  

Round 15: SC across this last row like normal and at the end Tie off. You're Done!