The Calvin Top


Create a Foundation Chain that will be the length of the entire top, including the ribbing portions on the top and bottom. For mine I made a Chain of 40

Row 1: SC into the 2nd chain from hook, SC in every stitch until the end. CH 1 and turn your work.

Row 2:  BLO-SC into the first 8 stiches. SC (Not BLO) across until there are 8 stitches remaining. BLO-SC into the last 8 stiches. CH 1 and turn your work.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2: BLO-SC in first 8 stitches, SC across until there are 8 left, and BLO-SC into those 8 stitches. Ch 1 and turn.                                                                                                                                                               You will repeat this pattern for the entire top.


Repeat Row 2 until your top wraps around you completely.  You want the top to be tight and secure; make sure it wraps around you completely while using a decent amount of tension. 

-This is why it is recommended to use an Acrylic or Acrylic/Cotton Blend Yarn. You’ll need to use yarn that has a lot of stretch to it.

Now you will connect both ends of the top: 

At the End of your Last Row: FLO SLST to the opposite side of your work and join ends. The opposite end of the top is the bottom of your foundation chain, so there’s not obvious stitches to connect to so just try to place them evenly.

Try it on before you tie off!

Since this is a fitted top, you want to make sure there aren’t any “holes” where you joined.  If there is, you can go back and adjust where you joined to correct this. Once you’ve finished, tie off and turn your work inside out.

To add Halter Straps:

1)    Take the number of Rows you did and divide that number by 4.  Beginning from where you joined ends: count out that number of stitches down your top ribbing. This is the Center of the Front (where your cleavage is). 

2)    Decide where you want your straps to be. Make sure the placement is even by counting the same number of stitches away from the middle (cleavage) stitch on both sides. Mark those two spots.

3)    Attach your yarn to one of the stitches that you just marked and begin chaining. Track your number of Chains because you will be doing the same thing on the other side. 

4)    Create a chain on both sides that is as long as you’d like and Tie Off. 

Remember: you will tie them together behind your neck, so make sure you make them long enough.